zander has been at it again

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zander has been at it again

Post by Admin on Mon Feb 23, 2009 1:26 am

not sure if i have mentioned about how i split with my sons dad etc and moved out and he now has the house and dogs
well anywways went back to the house to do my regular check on the dogs and found a yellow note saying please contact ranger so and so
well spoke to him and he basically said zander keeps getting out and attacking people Shocked
he went on to say that because there has already been complaints and fines prossesed that the head boss may decside to class him as a dangerous dog Sad Mad Evil or Very Mad
he went on to say what that invovles and wat we will need to do with zander
anyways he asked if he has showed any aggresstion towards us or people that come to the house
which he hasnt and never would
as i said to him he is just a big big teddy bear
well im waiting to hear back to see what they are gonna do etc
i shal keep you informed but it doesnt look good for poor zander
he now is in a cage chained up Sad just to avoid any further problems
the ranger told us to do this otherwisse if he gets out once more he basically said he will be shot or pts pale



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Re: zander has been at it again

Post by Beth<3 on Mon Feb 23, 2009 5:50 am

Oh no this is horrible I love Zander he looks like such a love bug...

HOw old is he.. Our rotti got agressive as she got older aswel.

Sounds like Zander will have some pretty big boundries but in place if he is a "dangerous" dog.....

If he is lucky to escape compulsory euthanasia then i think you may need to call in a specialist trainer for him as a dog that start to show agression can soo escalate to extream cases.

there is also the possiblity that the Whole change with you moving out has caused this change.. I would tell the ranger about the family situation as this may very well be casueing him to act out more than what is normal.

Kepp us posted..

Good luck




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