blue cross and problems

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blue cross and problems

Post by cutefluffypup on Wed Oct 22, 2008 10:30 am

hi I'm heather and I was a blue cross foster carer. Unfortunately I found out that they don't seem bothered about the dogs.

please read the full story on

I'd welcome any opinions and feedback



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Re: blue cross and problems

Post by sheila on Wed Oct 22, 2008 8:38 pm

Hi Heather, I am dumbfounded at what is happening at this shelter/rescue home. I agree that it is more than likely a couple of bad apples, but they need to get rid of them. Causing you and you OH the grief they have, I just cannot get my head around them giving the puppy to you to train, but you are not eligiable for adoption? There is something very, very wrong there. We have these shelters here and I have never heard of this happening, which doesn't mean it doesn't. This shelter needs a serious wake up call, especially when the person that initially did all the training and then decided they wanted to adopt her, were knocked back for no other reason than she has lots of work to do yet before she can be housed. What are they talking about? Are they going to train her to be a vicious dog or what? I really am horrified and I hope more people will make their comments also. I feel it's a waste of time fostering a dog and training it just to turn around and put it back in a cage for god knows how long. That is cruel and good on you for fighting this. I certainly would and I would go with you if I lived over there, but flying 18 hours to get there to go to the shelter is a little bit much for me at the moment.

Go GET YOUR DOG BACK ASAP. Who knows what will happen in the meantime and they may even move her and hide her from you.

Sheila in Western Australia

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Re: blue cross and problems

Post by sharreem on Thu Oct 23, 2008 7:38 am

Poor Tinker...she must be so confused and not know who to trust.. good luck getting her back..


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Re: blue cross and problems

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